Art Exhibition in Allendale

March 2022


As many supporters will know, SEDCU was bequeathed a substantial number of paintings by the family of the artist, David Almond. 


David spent his retirement painting watercolours of his beloved Lake District, as well as the Pennines and other countries he visited. Allendale Forge has kindly offered to mount an exhibition of some of his works in April.

If you are in the North Pennines over Easter why not take a trip to Allendale to combine viewing the exhibition with seeing other artwork and enjoying a coffee and cake in their café?

Back to School after 83 weeks COVID shutdown

January 2022

On January 10th, Uganda ended what is reported to have been the world’s longest school closure.  The Government has indicated that primary and secondary pupils would mostly resume their classes a year above where they were when the closures began in March 2020. Remedial lessons will be provided for some classes to help cover critical content missed during the closures.  Assuming all now goes according to plan, the school year would consist of 3 normal terms ending on 9th December 2022. The 2023 school year will start on January 29th .We understand that the dates for the various national exams are yet to be announced.

The Education Minister said he ‘urged schools to follow health protocols…. and they are required to implement guidelines and standard operating procedures to ensure safe return to school for all children.’ He also said ‘Measures have been put in place to ensure that those who don’t comply do so’

Disability is not Inability

November 2021

G 1.png

In November, our sponsored blind student G was elected as the speaker of the Association of all Disabled People at Makerere University and he is now on the University Guild Council.
G had been sponsored through SEDCU since 2012 and we have proudly watched him progress through KDS and Hornby High School and, finally,
Iganga Secondary School where he sat his A Levels He was successful in gaining a place at Makerere University to study Education.

What a transformation!

CONGRATULATIONS G! You are an inspiration!

G 2.png

SEDCU Trustee to run 100km in Greece

October 2021

Kate Coulson, SEDCU trustee currently residing in Greece writes "Tomorrow I start my challenge to run every day in November! I will aim to run at least 100km in the month. I am setting myself this personal challenge to raise much needed funds for SEDCU so that it can continue to support the sponsored children and their communities during the Covid-19 pandemic."

Kate Coulson is fundraising for SEDCU (

Ugandan Colleges and Universities set to Re-open

October 2021

In June 2021, all educational establishments were closed at very short notice due to the worsening spread of the COVID Pandemic across Uganda.  This has remained the position since then (apart from Medical Colleges).  However, there is good news in that from November 2021, Universities and Colleges of Further Education are to reopen progressively provided they can comply with Government requirements to enforce social distancing and other measures to inhibit the spread of the disease. The details are not yet finalised, but we understand that four of the SEDCU sponsored students will be able to return to their studies, and a fifth will be able to start her course. There is a sixth who has applied to University, and he awaits the result of this application.  We wish them all well!





Unfortunately, all Primary and Secondary Schools remain closed, but there is at least a possibility that they may reopen progressively from January 2022 provided they can comply with quite stringent Government requirements.  SEDCU remains in contact with the key people in both Schools and the Communities, and has continued to fund some teacher salaries and some ongoing hardship relief for pupils and their families.

Gad a Uni.jpg

Blind student G back at Makarere University.

All Schools Close as Second Wave of COVID hits Uganda

June 2021

In May, the Ugandan Government set out a plan for progressive recovery from the impacts of the pandemic on the education of children and young people.  In the near term, the plan was for the 2020 academic year to end on July 24th, and for the 2021 academic year to commence on August 9th 2021.

However, the last weeks have seen a second wave of the pandemic taking hold across Uganda, with a sharp rise in infections and deaths. Only a very small fraction of the population (around 2%) has been vaccinated and supplies of vaccines are scarce. In early June all schools, colleges and universities were closed at very short notice as part of a fresh major lockdown announced by the President on June 7th, initially to last for 6 weeks

Clearly it is impossible to say when schools and colleges will reopen.  We are very concerned for all the children who have had to return home, and also for the staff who may have been laid off once more without pay. The SEDCU trustees have therefore decided to send further emergency funds to the schools to support staff and to ensure their schools will be in a position to re-open when permitted – we understand that many private schools have gone bankrupt and may not be able to reopen.  Our funds may also be used to alleviate poverty in families and communities of sponsored children whose livelihoods have been disrupted by the pandemic.

SEDCU Raises Funds through Open Air Art Exhibition

June 2021

The late father of one of SEDCU’s supporters was a talented artist and geologist by the name of David Almond.  In his retirement, he panted rural landscapes, mostly of his beloved Lake District. His family have donated his collection of some 150 original landscapes to SEDCU with the aim of us raising funds for our activities in Uganda where he had worked for part of his career. We have been seeking outlets through which we might sell these paintings and in late June we had a stand at an art exhibition called PromArt which is staged on the Promenade of Grange over Sands, just South of the Lake District, during the summer months.  We are pleased to report a number of sales, and plan to exhibit again in August.


Schools Start to Reopen across Uganda

November 2020

While the Ugandan Government has continued to maintain various measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 within the population, it has decided to partially lift the lockdown measures originally imposed in March 2020. Among other things, it decided that year groups whose pupils in primary and secondary schools will be taking their national examinations (classes P7, S4 and S6) should be permitted to return to school in October 2020 providing the schools have put social distancing measures in place which are subject to government inspection. They will attend for two terms ending in March 2021, so enabling the orderly transition from Primary to Secondary, and from Secondary to Tertiary, to occur. We believe that some other children with special needs may also be allowed to return to school. We await confirmation of the impact of these announcements on SEDCU sponsored children, as well as further news on when other children will be allowed to return to school, possibly in February when the new school year would normally begin.

SEDCU Continues to Support School Staff

July 2020

As school closures continued, SEDCU has continued to fund part salaries for teachers laid off at MCJS, and also began to fund a similar scheme for specialised special needs teachers at KDS  and also Hornby High School to alleviate their difficult situation.

School Closures in Uganda

June 2020

The COVID pandemic lockdown is continuing in Uganda and all schools and colleges remain closed.  We became aware that the teachers at Mgahinga Community Junior School had been laid off without pay, and without access to any form of social security support. The SEDCU trustees decided to send funds to the Mgahinga Community Development Organisation (MCDO) to support the teachers and they are now receiving 50% of their salaries and have met either at the school, or by phone, to plan for the day when it might reopen.  We were also told about a plan for the group who produce sanitary products in the community to produce face coverings  at the school for the community, and we decided to pay for the materials needed to get this work underway- here they are with some of the results in front of the school. 

In a separate initiative, MCDO have launched an appeal for money to help feed the community members who have lost their ability to earn income due to the lockdown restrictions.


School Closures in Uganda

April 2020

We have been informed by contacts in Uganda that all schools, colleges and universities in Uganda have been closed as one of many measures designed to prevent a corona virus epidemic.  The President of Uganda announced this decision on March 20th and the closure was for 30 days in the first instance, but one can speculate that it may well be extended. Airports and borders were closed with immediate effect. Subsequent announcements have included all forms of transport within the country being banned except for the most exceptional circumstances, and a night- time curfew. With almost all SEDCU sponsored children being boarders, the closures have meant that with no notice, transport has had to be organised for all children to return to their homes or to homes of family members as appropriate, in some cases involving long journeys.


We have no more information than this.  We can only hope that they and their teachers will all be safe, and that this will be helped by the remote location of their homes.  However, with lack of sanitation and clean water in so many areas the prospects for the Ugandan population, as a whole, could be dire.  














Students prepared to leave their College for the journey back to Kisoro District.


students leave college.jpg

Annual Report 2019

March 2020

The SEDCU trustees are pleased to report another successful year for the charity. Our seventh Annual Report and Accounts - for 2019 - have now been published on this website.  This has been a year of consolidation and growth as the charity has broadened its supporter base and been able to increase the funds sent to the schools and children supported in Uganda.  Our income increased to £30,806 and payments made to schools in Uganda increased to £28,447. Of our total expenditure, 63.1% went on sponsorship of the 30 children we support, 35.1% was used to fund various projects at the schools, and just 1.8% was spent on administration.

New dining room and kitchen at MCJS

November 2019

Following an initial donation by SEDCU, Mgahinga Community Junior School started digging foundations for the new Dining Room and Kitchen in December 2018. A second donation in March 2019 proved to be sufficient to complete the construction of the walls for the whole building.  A Swedish charity has funded the roof which was completed in November.

Work is now underway on finishing the internal building work and fitting out. Thanks go to all our donors who made this possible including the team who did the Leap for Lunch, Welshpool and District Rotary Club and School Places.

Roof on new kitchen block.png

Successful Visit by SEDCU Trustees

October 2019

Four of SEDCU’s trustees spent a very rewarding time in Uganda in October, travelling (as always) at their own expense. They visited every school and college which is attended by SEDCU sponsored children.  They were delighted to meet all 30 children and to receive first-hand reports on their progress from their teachers.  They also visited some homes and met other parents at school.  The trustees were also very impressed by the achievements of the current and completed projects.  Wherever they went, they were struck by the positive attitude of the children and the dedication and commitment of staff and others supporting SEDCU’s endeavors.

Trustee visit.jpg

Scouts win again!

September 2019

In the summer of 2019 KDS Scouts once again triumphed at the Ugandan National Jamboree, following on from their successes in previous years. This sends a message that “disability is not inability.!


Paralympic Sporting Successes

August 2019

In August 2019, a team from Kisoro Demonstration School funded by SEDCU competed in the Paralympic Gala Sports event in Mpigi District.  They came first amongst primary schools competing in classes for the visually impaired and deaf children. Another fantastic achievement!

In  September 2019 a team from Hornby High School Kabale, including a blind girl sponsored through SEDCU, were funded by SEDCU to compete in Paralympic trials also held in Mpigi.   These trials were part of a process to select children to eventually compete in the Paralympic Games in Tokyo in 2020.  The Hornby team came 3rd overall, and 10 of the children have been selected for the next stage of trials which will be held in Morocco – and will be Government funded.

Hornby High.jpg

SEDCU trustee competing in 70.3 mile triathlon!!

August 2019

Trustee Kate Coulson participated in a 70.3 mile triathlon on 4th August 2019 to raise funds for SEDCU's Bursary Fund. She exceeded her target of raising £1000 for the Fund. If you would like to support her and SEDCU it is not too late, please click on the link below.

SEDCU Annual Report 2018

March 2019

SEDCU reports on another successful year.  2018 was a year of consolidation and continued growth as the charity has broadened its supporter base, become more established and maintained its level of activity in Uganda. Thanks to the generosity of supporters donations increased by 13% compared to 2017.  Full information is in the Annual Report on this website.

Work starts on new dining room and kitchen at MCJS

March 2019

Following an initial donation by SEDCU, Mgahinga Community Junior School started digging foundations for the new Dining Room and Kitchen in December 2018. A second donation in March 2019 should be sufficient to complete the construction of the walls for the whole building.

New kitchen and dining room.png

Current look from the side of the Kitchen (south wing)

Thanks go to all our donors who made this possible including the team who did the Leap for Lunch, Welshpool and District Rotary Club and School Places.

Children striving onwards and upwards

February 2019

When the 2019 academic year starts in February, SEDCU will be sponsoring pupils in 7 different schools or colleges. 4 children are in Nursery, 18 are in Primary Schools, 6 in Secondary Schools, 1 in Vocational College and 1 in University. We should all take pride in their achievements!

MCJS New Classroom Block Completed

February 2018

Mgahinga Nursery and Primary School was in desperate need of improved classroom accommodation.  A new piece of land has been purchased and on April 5th 2016 the building work got underway with members of the community transporting rocks to create the foundations. SEDCU undertook to raise the majority of the funds for the roof, which was fully installed by October 2017.  The rest of the building work was duly completed by February 2018 in time for the start of the new school year.


Funds raised for new large water tank

December 2017

There is no water supply at Mgahinga Community Nursery and Primary School, which is in a remote area of south western Uganda on the borders of Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.


The staff and children have to rely on rainwater collected by guttering from the rooves of the school buildings. As the school grows they are in desperate need of a new larger water tank to provide safe water for drinking, cooking and sanitation. This will mean that more children can gain the life changing opportunity of an education.


Kate and Lee ran the London Marathon in April 2017 and raised an amazing sum of money.  Combined with a major donation by Welshpool and District Rotary Club this has enabled MCDO to press ahead with construction of a 20,000 litre tank'. 

Water tank picture.jpg