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Our mission is to broaden and strengthen support to disadvantaged children in Uganda so that they can benefit from good quality education and realise their full potential.


We believe it is the birth right of every child to be wanted, loved, nurtured and educated. The scale of the problem of educating children across the whole of Africa is a massive one - and this holds true for Uganda. Support from a small charity like ours may seem like a drop in the ocean, and we recognise it is unlikely to make any real difference to the country as a whole, where poverty is endemic. Conversely, we believe that our support for individual children has the potential to change lives and to give each of them the skills and the hopes to realise their potential. We also hope that, in time, they will give back to society.   SEDCU has been established, and a number of people have become supporters, some to sponsor children and others to help fund projects at their schools.


SEDCU is mainly supporting children and projects at two schools. The children are all disadvantaged in different ways and would be unable to gain appropriate education without our input. Both schools are in the extreme South West of the country near the borders with Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The schools are both taking steps to raise educational standards for the benefit of an increasing number of local children. As time has passed, some of the children we have been supporting have been able to move up to secondary school, vocational college or university. SEDCU aims to continue to support them and their education until it is complete.

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SEDCU is focused on supporting children who are severely disadvantaged in a variety of ways. Some have disabilities, they are mostly either deaf, sight impaired or blind. Others have been orphaned, deserted by their parents, or their parent(s) are living in extreme poverty. The latter have, in some cases, been rendered homeless when the National Parks were created. In total, 34 children are currently being sponsored through SEDCU, with ages ranging from 5 to 26 years.



While SEDCU’s original focus was on the sponsorship of children, we have come to recognise that there is much we can do to enhance the quality of their education by funding projects which will benefit all the children attending the schools where SEDCU is active. Projects which have already been supported have included assisting with the construction of new buildings, provision of equipment to enhance school facilities, development and training of staff, and giving children new experiences outside school to broaden their horizons.


SEDCU is a small charity which aims to support modest numbers of children and small scale projects.  We operate on a very personal basis.  As Trustees we know all our sponsors, we meet all the sponsored children and their teachers as well as – in many cases – their parents or grandparents.  Practically all the money donated to SEDCU is sent directly to the schools we support in Uganda to fund the education of the sponsored children and projects, with just 2% retained to fund bank transfers and print costs. Our sponsors are, in principle, committed to support ‘their’ children throughout their entire educational journey.  Although SEDCU may be operating on a small scale, the Trustees are convinced that we and our supporters are changing young lives for the better.

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If you are interested in supporting SEDCU's aims and objectives there are a variety of ways you can help, please click the relevant button.



If you are interested in giving another child the opportunity of a decent education through sponsorship we would love to hear from you.

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Bursary Scheme

We are building a bursary scheme to help cover the substantial extra costs involved when sponsored children transition to secondary or tertiary education, for example to purchase textbooks or computers. You could help here.

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Schools also need your help to fund projects to enhance children's education and give them broader experiences.

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There are opportunities for you to volunteer both in the       UK and in Uganda.

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Donate now

Or you might simply wish to make a donation.

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